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Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum. This, with A. Japonicum, is the progenitor of the race of ornamental leaved shrubs called collectively Japanese Maples. Acer palmatum was introduced from Japan in 1820, and when mature forms a large bush 15 to 20 feet high. It is distinguished by its small, graceful, palmate leaves, which are charming when they first appear in spring, and again in autumn before they fall.

There are many varieties, which are arranged in three groups according to the divisions of the leaves. These are the palmatum group, septemlobum group, and dissectum group. The first named is recognised by means of its regularly divided five lobed leaves, the second by its seven lobed leaves, and the third by its attractively cut leaves.

Good varieties are decompositum, purpureum, dissectum roseo-marginatum, variegatum atro­purpureum, septemlobum elegans, and s. pinnatum.