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A genus of Cupuliferae of which a well known example is the common Alder, Alnus glutinosa. The species are very widely distributed, being found in north and south Europe, north and west Asia, north Africa, North America, and Japan.

The majority make trees of considerable size and are of use for planting in wet and swampy places. Two varieties of Alnus glutinosa have ornamental leaves, A. g. aurea, golden, and A. g. imperialis, prettily cut foliage.

A selection of species are barbata, Caucasus; cordifolia, south Europe; firma, Japan; glutinosa, Europe, etc. ; incana, north temperate regions; Japonica, Japan; maritima, North America; nitida, western temperate Himalayas; Oregona, western North America; Orientalis, Orient; pubescens, Europe; rhombifolia, California; serrulata, western America, and viridis, northern regions.