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A genus of Ericaceae containing several hardy species which, with the exception of one, are not often grown. They thrive under the same conditions as Arbutus. A. Alpma is widely distributed through the northern hemisphere, and is found in the north of Scotland. It is a procumbent evergreen shrub with small leaves and racemes of white flowers, which are followed by black fruits.

A. pungens, introduced in 1839, is a Californian plant with curious, greyish, Eucalyptus-like, evergreen leaves and terminal racemes of pretty pink flowers. It blossoms in July, and grows several feet high.

A. Uva-ursi, the Bearberry of the northern hemisphere, is a scandent evergreen, bearing small leaves and pink blossoms. The flowers are borne in June and are followed by red fruits which ripen in September. It is found in the Highlands of Scotland and is a useful plant for growing on rockeries, or for planting to hang over tree roots. This is more largely grown than any other.