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A valuable and ornamental genus of Corniaceae, two species only being known.

Aucuba Himalaica is from the eastern Himalaya, and is in many respects similar to Aucuba Japonica; the berries are, how­ever, rounder.

Aucuba Japonica is an shrub from Japan.

The variegated forms are also grown largely in pots for the furnishing of window boxes in winter.

When large plants are required quickly good sized branches should be layered. Cuttings are the usual means of increase, and pieces carrying three or four short branches root readily.

The uses to which Aucubas can be put are many, for in addition to being so useful for planting under trees, they make admirable shrubbery plants, while they may also be planted in beds or as isolated specimens. Growing in the latter manner they make fine plants, 6 to 8 feet high and 9 or 10 feet through.

Many varieties are in cultivation which differ from the type either in colouring or size or shape of the leaves. Some of the best are Bruantii, variegated; crassifolia, small-leaved low bush ; fructu albo, white fruited ; grandis, large, showy, golden variegated leaves ; latimaeulata, large variegated foliage ; longifolia, long narrow leaves ; macrophylla, large green leaves; nana rotundifolia, dwarf, with small rounded leaves, and rotundifolia, with large.