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Buxus (Box)

Belonging to the order Euphorbiaceae, the Buxus is an important genus of evergreens which comprises numerous species and varieties that differ considerably in habit, and can be employed for many purposes. Some make trees of considerable size, while others rarely exceed a few inches in height.

The larger ones are useful for groups in shrubberies or for isolated specimens, while the smaller ones make capital subjects for formal beds and for planting in window boxes. One form is extensively used for bordering paths in kitchen gardens, and for this purpose it has no equal.

All thrive well in loamy soil, and can be increased by cuttings. Of the many sorts in cultivation the following are the best:

Buxus Balearica, the Balearic Box, was introduced in 1870. It makes a large bush or small tree, with large, leathery, deep green leaves upwards of 1 inch in length.

Buxus Japonica, from Japan, has rounded leaves and foruis a small, stiff bush.

Buxus Wallichiana, from the Himalayas, is somewhat like B. Balearica, but has longer and narrower leaves.