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Calla plants

Calla plantsThese showy plants, sometimes called Arum, are worth cultivating. They make handsome pot-plants, bearing fine white flowers in the spring. May be grown from seeds, or roots may be divided.

They are quickly increased by off-sets from the root in August or September. Plant the off-sets from the fleshy roots singly in small, well-drained pots of sandy loam with one-fourth leaf-mould or well-rotted manure, and keep them in a very warm situation.

Water them well while in growth, scantily after the leaves begin to wither, and afterwards give only enough moisture to keep them alive. Leave the plants in the light while the leaves die off, and then place them in a shed, in complete repose, for a month or so. Re-pot them in October or November, and give plenty of water.

They may stand in saucers of water, but this must be changed daily. They flower from May to July. Their height about 2 feet.