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A genus of Leguminosae composed of deciduous shrubs or small trees with yellow, Pea shaped flowers. All are worth growing in the shrubbery, and one or two may be planted in beds. They are not fastidious about soil, light loam being most suitable. Seeds are a ready means of increase, or cuttings may be rooted. The varieties of Caragana arborescens are grafted on stocks of the type.

Caragana arboresceos came from Siberia.

Caragana aurantiaca is a small leaved, yellow flowered shrub 3 to 4 feet high, from central Asia. It is compact and ornamental, and has been in cultivation since 1751.

Caragana frutescens is found from south Russia to Japan ; it grows 9 to 12 feet high, and was introduced in 1752. Other species are brevispina, jubata, microphylla, pygmaea, and spinosa.