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A genus of Cistaceae composed of, usually, low growing shrubs of. a very showy character. They should be grown in poor, sandy soil in full sun, a bank facing west or south, or a place on the rockery being suitable.

The majority of the species are not very hardy, and a stock of young plants from seeds or cuttings should be kept in a cold frame all winter in case the permanent plants are killed. The majority come from southern Europe.

The flowering time is early summer. Some of the best are Cistus Corbariensis, a hybrid 2 feet high bearing white flowers; Cistus crispus, 2 feet, purple; Cistus ladaniferus Monspeliensis, 2.5 feet, white, with dark red spots at the base of each petal; Cistus laurifolius, 6 to 8 feet, white, 3 inches across, the hardiest of all; Cistus Monspeliensis, 3 feet, white; and Cistus purpureus, 3 feet, purple.