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Climbing Roses

Climbing RosesThe following varieties are considered among the best climbing Roses. The soil preference and fertilizer treatment are added as essential to continuance of bloom and a healthy vigorous growth:

American Pillar
Aviateur Bleriot
Alberic Barbier
Single, cherry-pink with a clear white eye.
Double, large clusters, saf?fron yellow deepening in?to golden yellow.
Pale yellow, abundant fo?
Soil should be cla loam with one third ecayed cow manure.
Clay loam with one third decayed cow manure.
Rich clay loam containing
liage. considerable humus.
Add half pound coarse
bone meal per plant.
Mix into soil.
Crimson Rambler Double, crimson; profusion Very gross feeder. Add
of bloom. one pound bone meal
per plant.
Dorothy Perkins Pink; foliage very beautiful Clay loam, rich.
but subject to mildew.
Dr. W. Van Fleet Very double; flesh- to shell? Clay loam. Gross feeder.

pink; foliage beautiful; Bone meal and decayed
one of best. cow or horse manure.
Excelsa Large trusses of intense Clay loam. Gross feeder.
crimson-maroon, tinted Bone meal and decayed
scarlet on edges of petals. cow or horse manure.
Emily Gray Large deep yellow bloom Clay loam with one third
with a magnificent red? decayed cow manure.

brown, glossy foliage.
Needs protection in very
cold climates.
Silver Moon Semi-double, silvery white; Light clay loam, rich in
foliage bronze-green. well-rotted cow or horse
Tausendschon Double, large flowers in manure.
Light clay loam, very rich
clusters; deep carmine in cow or horse manure.
Miss Helyett Double, heavy and long Light clay loam, very rich
bloomer; deep pink shad? in stable manure.

ed with red.
Purity Semi-double, white; very Light clay loam, very rich
hardy. in cow or horse manure.