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An ornamental genus of Cornaceae composed of large, deciduous shrubs and small trees. All are of easy cultivation and thrive in any fairly rich soil. Most of the species and varieties make useful shrubbery plants, while some are suitable for specimen beds on the lawn, and others for undergrowth in plantations.

Cuttings of ripened wood planted out of doors in autumn root well. The bark of some species is highly coloured, and the leaves turn to a brilliant red before falling. The best are:

Cornus alba, the white fruited Dogwood, from northern Asia in 1741, makes a dense shrub 10 feet high, with bright red bark. There are several varieties, of which the best are C. a. Sibirica variegata and C. a. Spathii, the former with silver and the latter with golden variegated leaves ; both are ex­cellent subjects for specimen beds.

Cornus Baileyi is a red stemmed species from North America.

Cornus macrophylla attains the dimensions of a small tree. The leaves are large and ornamental. It is a native of Asia.

Cornus Mas.

Cornus sanguinea is the common Dogwood. It can be used for an undergrowth in plantations.

Cornus Stolonifera.