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An exceptionally interesting genus of Rosaceae, many of the species being good evergreens and ornamental, whether in flower or fruit. The majority are found in the Himalayas, a few comin from China and Siberia, while one or two are European.

Some make very large shrubs or small trees, while others are prostrate growers, rarely exceeding 1 foot or 2 feet in height. For covering walls or fences the compact owers are excellent, while all are useful for the shrubbery.

Cuttings of most root readily in summer, while almost all can be increased from seeds. They thrive well in loamy soil. Some of the most ornamental are:

Cotoneaster angustifolia, a loose habited plant, with long, narrow leaves and orange berries.

Cotoneaster bacillaris - A deciduous shrub introduced from the Himalayas in 1841. It grows 18 or 20 feet high, and bears large quantities of reddish purple fruit.

Cotoneaster buxifolia - A handsome evergreen from the Himalayas with Box-like foliage. It grows into a large bush 10 or 12 feet high. The flowers are borne in May, and are white and star shaped. The fruit is red, and ripens in September.

Cotoneaster Franchetti - This has only been in cultivation a few years. The flowers are white, the fruits scarlet.

Cotoneaster frigida - Of the strong growers this is certainly the best. It forms a small tree or large bush 20 to 30 feet high, bearing deciduous leaves and white blossoms in large corymbs. The fruits are bright red and borne in great profusion. It came from the Himalayas in 1824.

Cotoneaster horizontalis.

Cotoneaster microphylla - This is a small-leaved, neat growing evergreen, suitable for rockery or wall culture. The flowers are white, and are followed by red fruits. It came from the Himalayas in 1824.

Cotoneaster multiflora is a free growing Chinese plant. It flowers well, and is of semi-pendulous habit.

Cotoneaster rotundifolia - A dense Himalayan shrub growing 4 or 5 feet high, bearing small, rounded, deciduous or sub-evergreen leaves, white flowers, and scarlet fruit.

Cotoneaster Simonsii is an upright growing semi-evergreen of Himalayan origin. The fruits are orange scarlet.