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A genus of Rosaceae composed of a few species of deciduous shrubs or small trees, of which the common Quince, Cydonia vulgaris, is a familiar example.

For decorative work the two Japanese species, Cydonia Japonica and Cydonia Maulei, are in advance of the others. The former makes a large bush when grown in the open, but is more often trained to a wall. The flowers are deep red, and borne in spring.

There are many varieties, which vary in colour from white to deep red. Cydonia Maulei forms a dense bush 3 feet high, bearing in great profusion bright red flowers 1 inch across, which are followed by yellow fragrant fruits.

The variety alba has white flowers, while atrosanguinea, Leichtlinii, and superba have deep red blossoms. Other species are Cydonia Cathayensis and Cydonia Sinensis.