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An interesting genus of Thymelaeaceae composed of deciduous and evergreen shrubs, many of which are very showy when in flower. They thrive best in a cool, loarny soil which contains lime. Propagation is usually effected by seeds or grafting.

Daphne Blagayana is a dwarf grower from Carniola, suitable for the rockery; the flowers are pale yellow and very fragrant. It is a difficult plant to cultivate, and thrives best when the branches are weighted down with stones.

Daphne Cneorum, the Garland Flower of south Europe, grows 6 inches or so high. It has small, evergreen leaves and bears flattened heads of red, fragrant blossoms in May. It was introduced in 1752. The variety major is a stronger grower.

Daphne Laureola, the Spurge Laurel, is of more use for its evergreen leaves than its flowers.