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Delphinium flowers

Delphinium flowersThe Delphinium are also called Larkspur. The gorgeous spikes of flowers produced by these plants render them invaluable for the border. They like a deep soil, highly enriched. The perennials may be divided at the root in autumn, care being taken not to injure the young fleshy sprouts.

The annuals are readily raised from seed. The quickest way to grow the perennial varieties from seed is to sow in a frame with a slight bottom-heat, at any time from March to August; but sowings made in the open from April to June will succeed.

Keep the ground moist, and shade from the sun till the plants are up, then transplant to nursery beds for the summer, afterwards transferring them to their final quarters. Flower in June and July.

Their height is about 1,5 to 6 feet.