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This genus of Saxifragaceae is composed of deciduous shrubs, many of which are very ornamental. Unfortunately some of them are not to be depended on to flower yearly, for although buds set freely they are pushed so early that they are killed or badly injured by late spring frosts.

They like a good, loamy soil, and are easily increased by cuttings. For forcing they are excellent, and for places where late frosts are not experienced there are no better or more showy shrubs.

Deutzia corymbosa was introduced from the Himalayas in 1830. It grows 3 to 4 feet high, and bears corymbs of white flowers in May.

Deutzia crenata, a Japanese species, is one of the most useful. It forms a dense bush 8 or 10 feet high, and bears racemes 4 to 6 inches long of white flowers in June. It usually blossoms well; flore pleno extus purpurea is a double flowered variety with purple and white blooms, while punctata has variegated leaves.

Deutzia kalmiaeflora is a very charming hybrid with white, purple shaded flowers.

Deutzia Lemoinei is a hybrid between Deutzia gracilis and Deutzia parviflora. It bears large upright panicles of white flowers, and is useful for forcing.

Deutzia parviflora is from China, and does not often flower well.

Deutzia scabra is a showy, free flowering shrub from Japan, growing 6 or 8 feet high. The white flowers are borne in June.