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A genus of deciduous or evergreen shrubs of ornamental appearance. In the warmer counties they thrive and flower well in the open, but in colder districts all, except Escallonia Philippiana, should be planted against a wall. In some of the warmer counties Escallonia macrantha is used as a hedge shrub.

Rich, loamy soil is suitable, and cuttings form an easy means of propagation. Escallonia Exoniensis grows 15 feet high, and the same through. It is a white flowered hybrid. Escallonia Langleyensis is a hybrid between Escallonia macrantha and Escallonia Philippiana ; it has red blossoms. Escallonia macrantlia is a strong growing, red flowered evergreen from Chiloe.

Escallonia Philippiana - This is the hardiest and most useful of all. It was introduced from Valdivia in 1873, and forms a shapely bush 5 feet high, with small, deciduous leaves and star shaped white flowers, the latter being borne in July. It may be used as a specimen plant or for a bed.