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A family of yellow blossomed shrubs belonging to the Oleaceae. A few species only are known, but all are ornamental, and are the most showy of all very early flowering shrubs. They thrive in rich loamy soil, and one species, Forsythia suspensa, from China, does best if pruned back annually. Two forms are to be found, one with strong, upright branches, the other with slender, pendent shoots. It is the most showy of all, as every branch is smothered during March and April with pretty yellow flowers. It will grow quite 12 feet high, and can be used as a bush or as a wall or pillar plant. Forsythia viridissima, also a Chinese shrub, grows 5 feet high, and is of very stiff habit, with very green branches and yellow flowers. Forsythia intermedia is a hybrid between the two. Forsythia Europaea is a new species from Albania, which flowered in England for the first time in 1905. All can be easily increased by soft cuttings.