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Garden Planting Schedule

I assume that a person who is intelligent enough to make a garden, does not need an arbitrary calendar of operations. Too exact advice is misleading and unpractical. Most of the gardening websites are arranged wholly on the calendar method - giving specific directions for each month in the year.

We have accumulated sufficient fact and experience, however, to enable us to state principles; and these principles can be applied anywhere, - when supplemented by good judgment, - whereas mere rules are arbitrary and generally useless for any other condition than that for which they were specifically made.

The regions of gardening experience have expanded enormously within the past fifty and seventy-five years. Seasons and conditions vary so much in different years and different places that no hard and fast advice can be given for the performing of gardening operations, yet brief hints for the proper work of the various months may be useful as suggestions and reminders.

- Garden Plant Schedule for the North
- Garden Plant Schedule for the South