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A decorative genus of shrubs, belonging to Leguminosae, and closely related to Cytisus, thriving under similar conditions. All have yellow flowers. Of the many species, the following are the best:

Genista Aethnensis, the Mount Etna Genista, is an elegant shrub 15 to 18 feet high, with slender, pendent, Rush-like branches, which are smothered with showers of golden blossoms in July.

Genista cinerea, south-western Europe, forms a dense bush 8 feet or so high, and is useful for massing.

Genista Hispanica, the Spanish Gorse, makes a dense, spiny, shapely mass 2.5 feet high, which flowers freely in June.

Genista pilosa is a European plant, growing 2 feet high, which blossoms very freely.

Genista sagittalis, a dwarf European plant suitable for undergrowth, or an edging for a bed.

Genista virgata, introduced from Madeira in 1777, grows 15 feet high, and forms a large bush which blossoms freely in June. It is a useful shrub to naturalise in a park. It does well in poor, sandy soil.