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A genus of Styraceae composed of a few species of white flowered, deciduous trees or shrubs from China, Japan, or the United States. All are ornamental, and are worth including in tree and shrub collections. A warm, loamy soil is most suitable for them. The chief species are Halesia corymbosa from Japan, which grows 12 feet high, and bears drooping corymbs of blossoms; Halesia diptera, a somewhat tender shrub from the southern United States; Halesia hispida, the Asagara of China and Japan, a large shrub with drooping corymbs of flowers; Halesia parviflora, and Halesia tetraptera. The latter is the Snowdrop or Silver Bell Tree of the southern United States, and was introduced in 1756. The flowers are somewhat like a Snowdrop in appearance. All blossom in May and June.