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Hyacinthus bulbs

Hyacinthus bulbsThe Hyacinthus are also called Muscari. They are a very hardy race of spring-flowering bulbs. Though the varieties are very dissimilar in appearance, they all produce a good effect, especially when planted in good large clumps. Plant them from September to December. A sandy soil suits them best.

The following are well-known varieties: Botryoides (Grape Hyacinth), very pretty and hardy, bearing fine spikes of deep, rich blue flowers in compact clusters on a stem six to nine inch high. Sweet-scented, and blooms about May. The Alba, or white, variety is also sweet-scented.

Candicans (Galtonia), the white Cape Hyacinth, or Spire Lily. A hardy, summer-flowering, bulbous plant three to four feet in height, gracefully surmounted with from twenty to fifty pendent, bell-shaped snow-white flowers. Thrives in any position and equally suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Racemosum (Starch Hyacinth), they have rich dark-blue or reddish-purple flowers. Very free-flowering and fine for massing. It is similar to the Cape Hyacinth, but flowers in denser spikes.