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Pretty, evergreen, or deciduous flowering shrubs make up this family of Ericaceae. Three species only are grown, all being from North America.

They like a sweet, peaty soil, and are suitable subjects for specimen beds, being useful alike for large or small gardens. It is useless to place them in soil containing lime in any appreciable quantity.

Kalmia angustifolia, the Sheep Laurel, grows 1.5 feet high, and bears small leaves and rose coloured flowers, the blossoming time being May and June. There are several varieties, which differ in the colour of the flowers and in height.

Kalmia glauca is a deciduous shrub 1.5 to 2 feet high bearing pale red flowers in May ; it is found in bogs in Canada, etc.

Kalmia latifolia, the Calico Bush of North America, forms a handsome, Rhododendron-like shrub, 4 to 10 feet high, with large, dark green, evergreen leaves and heads of white, pink tinted flowers. It blossoms in June, and was introduced in 1734.