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Lilium flowers

Lilium flowersThe Lily is admirably adapted for pot culture, the conservatory, and the flower border, and will flourish in any light soil or situation. To produce fine specimens in pots they should be grown in a mixture of light turfy loam and leaf-mould. 6 bulbs planted in a twelve inch pot form a good group.

The pots should have free ventilation, and the bulbs be covered with one inch of mould. For outdoor cultivation plant the bulbs four to five inch deep, from October to March. After once planting they require but little care, and should not be disturbed oftener than once in three years, as established plants bloom more freely than if taken up annually. Give a thin covering of manure during the winter.

Lilium seed may be sown in well-drained pots or shallow boxes filled with equal parts of peat, leaf-mould, loam, and sand. Cover the seeds slightly with fine mould and place the boxes or pots in a temperature of 55 or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A cold frame will answer the purpose, but the seeds will take longer to germinate.
The Lily Lancifolium and Lily Auratum varieties have a delicious fragrance.