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Pentstemon hardy perennial

Pentstemon hardy perennialThe Pentstemon is a charming hardy perennial is deserving of a place in every garden. It may be grown in any good soil, but a mixture of loam and peat is most suitable. The seed may be sown in April, and the plants transferred when strong enough to their flowering quarters; or it may be sown in a sheltered position during August or September to stand the winter.

Pentstemon may also be increased by dividing the roots in spring, as soon as growth begins. Cuttings of the young side-shoots about six inches long may be taken at any period—the middle of September is a good time; these should be placed under a hand-glass in sandy loam and leaf-mould. These cuttings will flower the first year.

Pentstemon blooms from May to October. Their height is about two feet.