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Quick growing, deciduous trees form this genus of Salicaceae. They are widely distributed through Europe, north Africa, north and `vest Asia, and North America. They thrive in damp, cool soil, and make good trees for marshy ground. Cuttings of ripened wood can be rooted out of doors.

Some useful species are:

Populus alba, Abele, or White Poplar, Europe, etc. Good varieties are nivea and pyramidalis.

Populus deltoidea, Cottonwood, North America, 1738. Of this there is a useful golden-leaved variety called aurea.

Populus nigra, Black Poplar, Europe and north Asia. The variety pyramidalis is known as the Lombardy Poplar.

Populus tremula, Aspen, Europe, etc.

Populus tremuloides, American Aspen, North America. Of the latter two there are pendulous varieties.