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Prunus amygdalus

Prunus Amygdalus, the Common Almond, introduced in 1538 from south Europe, forms a large headed tree, 20 to 30 feet high. The flowers are rose coloured, and borne in great profusion in March and early April. There are a great many varieties, of which alba, amara, Bitter Almond; dulcis, Sweet Almond; macrocarpa, and persicoides are most distinct. The latter flowers very early.

Prunus Davidiana is a Chinese species which forms an elegant habited tree, 20 feet or more high. The blossoms are rose coloured and borne in January and February. There is a white variety called alba.

Prunus Jacquemontii, from Afghanistan, forms a large bush, with small, reddish blooms which are borne in April.

Prunus nana is a miniature Almond, and is known as the Russian Almond. It grows 3 to 4 feet high, and forms a nice bed. Native of south Russia. The variety Gessleriana has richer coloured flowers than the type.

Prunus Persica, the Peach, is a well known Chinese tree. There are numerous varieties with double red, double white, and double pink flowers, all of which are very handsome.