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Prunus cerasus

Prunus acida is a low growing European tree, bearing pretty white flowers in May. There are many varieties, of which dumosa, Marasca, semperflorens, and umbraculifera are all good.

Prunus Avium, the Gean or Mazzard, is a native of Europe, and forms a tree of considerable size. The variety flore pleno is a lovely, double, flowered form. The blossoms are snow white and borne in great profusion. It is an excellent tree for small gardens.

Prunus Cerasus is the Wild or Dwarf Cherry. It is represented by a fine, double flowered form called Rhexii flore pleno.

Prunus Japonica is a low growing species from China and Japan, with small white flowers. It is better known by reason of its double flowered varieties, flore albo pleno and flore roseo pleno, both of which are first rate subjects for beds and for forcing. They should be cut well back every second year after flowering.

Prunus Pseudo-cerasus is a very free flowering tree from China and Japan, with long, strong branches, and pinkish blossoms 2 inches across. There are several varieties, two of which are flore luteo pleno, with yellowish flowers; and James H. Veitch, with red blossoms.

Prunus serrulata is a curious growing species from China and Japan. It sends out long, horizontal branches thickly studded with short spurs, from which the large white blossoms are borne in May.