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A genus of Rosaceae composed of small or medium sized trees or shrubs, the majority of which are very ornamental when in flower, and again when covered with ripe fruits. All are deciduous, and many of them are excellent for small gardens, as they bloom freely when quite young. Good loam suits them best; they are increased by means of seeds, grafting, or budding. As is to be expected with such a large genus, the species are very widely distributed, some being found in Europe, others in Asia, and others in North America.

As in Prunus, the genus is divided into several sections, as, for instance, Pyrophorum, which includes all with Pear shaped fruits; Malus, which includes those with Apple shaped fruits; Aria, of which the White Beam Tree is the type; Sorbus, which includes the Mountain Ash, Service Tree, and others of similar growth; Mespilus, the Medlars, and so on.

There being so many species in cultivation, a selection only of the most showy from each group is given:

- Pyrus Pyrophorum.

- Pyrus Malus.

- Pyrus Aria.

- Pyrus Sorbus.

- Pyrus Adenorachis.

- Pyrus Mespilus.