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Pyrus Aria

This group is distinguished by usually broadly ovate or oval leaves, and flattened corymbs of white flowers, followed by orange or orange scarlet fruits. The majority of the species make large trees of ornamental appearance, the leaves of some being silvery.

Pyrus Aria, the White Beam Tree of the north temperate zone, grows upwards of 20 feet high, and bears ovate, doubly serrated leaves and white flowers. The fruits are orange and scarlet, and ripen in September. There are many varieties, of which angustifolia, chrysopllylla, Graeca, lutescens, and salicifolia are most distinct.

Pyrus crataegifolia is a dwarf species from north Italy, with Hawthorn-like leaves which turn red in autumn.

Pyrus Decaisneana has very large and ornamental foliage.

Pyrus pinnatifida is a European tree with very deeply cut leaves, and flowers and fruits very like Pyrus Aria.

Pyrus Torminalis, the Wild Service Tree, is found wild in England. It grows 40 to 50 feet high, and bears white flowers followed by red fruits.

Pyrus vestita - This is a handsome Indian species, with long, silvery leaves and white flowers. Introduced in 1820.