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Pyrus Sorbus

The principal characteristics of this group are pinnate leaves, large, flat corymbs of white flowers, and showy fruits.

Pyrus Americana, the American Mountain Ash, was introduced from North America in 1782. It grows 20 feet high, and bears pinnate leaves and large corymbs of scarlet fruits. The variety fructu albo has whitish fruits.

Pyrus Aucuparia, the Mountain Ash or Rowan Tree, is a very well known tree; native of the northern hemisphere. It grows 30 feet high, and is very showy in August and September when covered with bright, scarlet fruits. A great many varieties are known, of which Backhousei, discolor, fastigiata, fructu luteo, and Moravica are the most distinct.

Pyrus Sorbus, the Service Tree, is a native of Europe, and farms a tree 30 to 60 feet high. The flowers are white, and are followed by medium sized fruits, which in the variety maliformis are Apple shaped, and in pyriformis Pear shaped.