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Ribes sanguineum

Ribes sanguineum, the Flowering Currant, is a very popular spring blossoming shrub which was introduced from California in 1826. The flowers are deep rose, fragrant, and borne in great profusion. The variety albidum has white flowers, and atrosanguineum and atrorubens have deep red blossoms.

Ribes belongs to the genus of Saxifragaceae, containing a large number of species of easy cultivation, some of which are very ornamental and useful. Ribes Grossularia, the Gooseberry; Ribes nigrum, the Black Currant; and Ribes rubrum, the Red Currant, are well known examples which are grown solely for their fruit.

The following are, however, cultivated for the sake of their flowers. All grow readily in common garden soil, and are easily increased by means of cuttings or ripened wood placed in a border outside in winter. They are useful alike for beds or shrubberies.

Ribes aacreum, the Buffalo or Missouri Currant of western North America, was introduced in 1812. It grows 6 or 8 feet high, and produces golden coloured, fragrant blossoms in April. The variety Ribes aurantiacum is dwarfer and more floriferous than the type.

Ribes cereum, was introduced from the western United States in 1827. It bears white flowers in April.

Ribes Gordonianum is a hybrid between Ribes aureum and Ribes sanguineum.

Ribes Lobbii is a red-flowered, ornamental plant from California.

Ribes speciosum, is the Fuchsia-flowered Gooseberry. It is from California, and has pretty, scarlet, pendulous flowers.