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Robinia Pseudoacacia

Robinia Pseudoacacia, the Locust or Acacia of the eastern United States. It forms a large, ornamental tree, with racemes of white flowers. There are many varieties, of which angustifolia, aurea, bella-rosea, Decaisneana flore rubro, and robusta Vignei are the best.

The genus of Leguminosae, composed of ornamental trees and large shrubs, which have dainty, pinnate leaves, and racemes of showy, Pea shaped blossoms. They thrive in poor soil, and are good town trees, some species being suitable for planting in streets. The species can be increased by means of seeds or root cuttings, the varieties by grafting. The best for general work are:

Robinia hispida, the Rose Acacia of the south United States, introduced in 1758. This forms a good sized bush, with large, rose coloured flowers. The variety inermis has larger and better coloured blooms than the type.

Robinia Neo-mexicana, a native of the Rocky Mountains, produces dense racemes of light rose blossoms in August.

Robinia viscosa, the Clammy Locust of the south United States, forms a large tree, and is recognised by means of its viscid leaves and flowers.

Robinia Pseudacacia.