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Tigridia flowers

Tigridia flowersTigridia (Ferraria; Mexican Tiger Flower, popularly called the Tiger Iris) is a gorgeous flower of exceptional beauty. Plant the bulbs in the sunniest spot out of doors during March, April, or May, in a sandy loam enriched with a liberal amount of leaf-mould, placing them three inches deep and six inches apart, and putting a little silver sand round each bulb before covering it with the soil.

Shelter the Tigridia from cutting winds.

The blossoms appear in July or August. Each bloom lasts only one day, but is succeeded on the next by fresh ones, so that a continuance of bloom is maintained. Protect them in winter with a covering of dead leaves, or, better still, take them up when they have done flowering, and keep them dry and free from frost.

For pot-culture plant the Tigridia bulbs in sandy loam and peat, plunge them in a cold frame, and withhold water until the foliage appears. They may be increased by off-sets or seeds.

The height of the Tigridia is about one feet.