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To make or renovate Lawns

To make or renovate LawnsTo make or renovate Lawns sow the seed on damp ground during March or April, if possible, but in any case not later than September, as the young plants are easily ruined by frost. Rake the seed in lightly, afterwards roll with a wooden roller, and carefully weed the ground until the grass is well established.

To form a thick bottom quickly on new Lawns sow 60 lbs., or three bushels, to the acre; for improving old ones, 20 lbs. per acre. Frequent cutting and rolling is essential to success. If the grass is inclined to grow rank and coarse it will be much improved by a good dressing of sand over it; if it has an inclination to scald and burn up, sprinkle it with guano or soot just before a shower of rain.

An accumulation of moss upon a lawn can only be cured by under-draining.