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Trees and Shrubs with Ornamental Stems

The planting of deciduous trees and shrubs for winter effect is worthy of consideration, for while many have dull, lifeless­looking wood, others are quite the reverse, the bark being brightly coloured and having a cheerful appearance.
For massing in the wilder parts of the garden many of these are very useful, while some are peculiarly fitted for planting on the margins of streams, lakes, or pools, the branches being very brightly coloured and doubly effective by the reflection in the water.

Among Acers some of the Japanese Maples have red or brown stems, while A. Pennsylvanicum and A. Veitchii have their branches prettily streaked with white.
The Silver Birch is well known by reason of its white bark, while Betula Ermanni and B. ulmifolia, which are the same colour, are also useful. B. papyrifera has brown bark, which is specially attractive by reason of the way in which it peels oft. The golden stemmed Ash, Fraxinus excelsior aurea, has golden bark, and is very effective among other trees.

Coming to shrubs, we find some of the Berberises worth attention. B. vulgaris has light brown bark, and B. virescens red, while several others have branches of various shades of grey or brown. The Cornuses furnish some of the most conspicuous plants in the group, C. Baileyi, C. alba and its varieties, and C. stolonifera all having bright red bark, while flaviramea has yellow stems. Among light browns we have Corylus, Deutzias, Ribes, Forsythia suspensa, Neillias, Neviusia Alabamensis, Rubus spectabilis, Philadelphuses, and Spiraeas ; while of whites we have several Brambles, of which the. most ornamental are Rubus biflorus, R. leucodermis, R. lasiostylus, and R. Occidentalis.

Of bright greens we have Cytisuses and Genistas, Kerria Japonica and the various Ephedras ; while of yellows and reds in addition to those mentioned there are the red and yellow stemmed Willows, Salix vitellina, in variety. In this list the showiest only have been mentioned, but there are others which might also be used.