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Verbena half-hardy perennials

Verbena half-hardy perennialsVerbena is a charming half-hardy perennial that succeeds best in light, loamy soil. It seeds freely, and roots rapidly by being pegged down. It is usual to take the cuttings in February, as spring-struck plants prove best both for growth and flowering.

Place a score of cuttings in a forty eight-sized pot containing one third of drainage material, covered with one inch of rough leaf-mould, then filled to within 1.5 inches of the rim with equal parts of loam, leaf-mould, or peat and sand, with one third inches of sand on the top. Make the soil firm at the base of the cuttings, and water level. It is, however, more easily obtained from seed raised on a gentle hotbed, and the plants thus raised are more robust and floriferous.

Verbena flowers in July and it's height is about one feet.